Fundraising t-shirts

Want to support LIVESTRONG with a donation and receive a custom-made t-shirt? Well here’s your chance…

These are my fundraising t-shirt for this year’s running events (the design/idea is a co-production of Europe’s Senior LIVESTRONG leaders, with the talented Shu Milne brushing up an idea of mine and creating this fantastic design – thanks a million, Shu!!).

The back says “Leaving yellow footprints of HOPE… in honor of the 28 Million affected by cancer” (the white shirt says: “Leaving footprints of HOPE…” and it has a personalized tribute list on it, so people who donate $25 to my fundraising page ( can e-mail me their list of names (survivors, warriors, co-survivors, caregivers, people who inspire them) and they’ll get their custom made t-shirt.

This weekend only (January 13th-15th, 2012), get a $5 discount, so shirts are a $20 donation/each.

Last year, tribute lists consisted of anything from 25-75 names. Rule of thumb: if it fits on a sheet 8.5″ x 11″ (regular US letter), it’ll fit on the shirt.

Shirts are available in white or yellow, Fruit of the Loom Unisex shirts, sizes S-3XL.

This is the second design (available in yellow, white or light grey); Fruit of the Loom Shirts (S-3XL):

If you’re in Europe, you can also pay via a EU bank transfer. Shirts are €19/each (including shipping). If you have any extra questions, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Für alle, die in Deutschland wohnen: für Euch wären die Kosten pro Shirt €17 (inklusive Porto). Bei Fragen einfach einen Kommentar hinterlassen – ich antworte schnellstmöglich!


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