And so it begins…

My first (of 36) random act of kindness this month was/is something that might sound a bit strange. I believe that you cannot be kinder to someone else, if you don’t start with yourself, so that’s what I’m doing (and it’ll be an ongoig project).

Being kinder to myself one quote, one idea, one thought, one memory at a time.

Being kinder to myself one quote, one idea, one thought, one memory at a time.

I love quotes, so when I found this small journal at a store (for €3), I just had to pick it up. At first I meant to send this to a friend, but quickly realized that this is a great way to start my random act of kindess project. Why? Well, it helps with

  • taking time to realize my own limits, potentials & needs
  • I have a tendency for perfection (might be the German in me) and the stubborness of a capricorn, which can lead to me being too hard on myself and too impatient. Just finding some quotes that deal with this (and reading Brene Browns book “The Gift of Imperfections”) has helped immensely during the past few days
  • it creates space for myself. Being a full-time student is a challenge, and my “me time” usually consists of wonderful volunteer work for the LIVESTRONG Foundation and my self-help group of young adults with cancer. Just being forced to spend a few minutes each day trying to find a quote that fits or going back to some wonderful event in the past and linger there for a while is a precious gift.

Being kind to oneself is vital to being kind to others, just like taking care of yourself is vital for care-givers. How can you care deeply for others, including strangers, if you can’t care enough about yourself?!

“It’s all really very simple. You don’t have to choose between being kind to yourself and others. It’s one and the same.”

Piero Ferrucci (author of “The Power of Kindness”)

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