Kindness Project Ripple Effect

When I thought of some small way to make a difference on my birthday, I though maybe a couple of my friends would join me… you can’t imagine the smile on my face, that’s getting larger each day, reading all messages, posts or tweets of people doing something (big or small) for others. Not only have friends donated on my LIVESTRONG fundraising page, but lots of them have joined in on doing random acts of kindness in my honor. I’ll keep adding to the list, and if YOU have joined the project (or will do so sometime in January), please feel free to leave a comment with your RAK. If you’re new to this blog and have no idea what I’m talking about, check out this earlier post:

Next up: my own RAK list. Check back tomorrow for the first entries and keep spreading smiles & kindness!

  • I’ve decided I’ll share LS cheer by honoring your special birthday wish at local hospitals & other important cancer support organizations by delivering wristbands & up-to-date LS guidebooks to spread HOPE to survivors in the Albany, NY Capital Region USA area. Looking forward to visiting the children’s ward at an area hospital & Ronald McDonald House as a LiveSTRONG fairy God-mother!
  • I bought a dunkin donuts gift card and put it under the windshield wiper of a police car 🙂
  • I went to dunkin donuts with my daughter, then paid for the order of both cars behind me.
  • At dinner we had a very poor service from our waitress who seemed to be overwhelmed and having a bad day. Left her a bigger than expected tip and a nice note to cheer her up.
  • I helped a friend with MS for a few hours on your birthday.
  • I used today as an opportunity to give my niece some coaching and training advice on running. She’s new to running but has signed up for her first 5K at the Philly LIVESTRONG Challenge this year. I’m looking forward to introducing you to her in August!
  • Worked a morning at a food bank for your birthday. As you asked, something I don’t normally do
  • I just signed up for my first ever dog rescue transport for THIS SATURDAY! I was going to compete with my dog in agility, but I think helping other rescue dogs escape from being euthanased and finding the forever home their deserve is more important. Wish me strength. I think it will be a happy/sad experience. Happy Birthday!
  • This is a great idea. I am mentoring someone running on the LIVESTRONG Team in Austin. A few weeks ago was his Birthday and instead of bearing gifts, he requested guests bring donations….He raised over $400.00.
design by Shu

design by Shu

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