YOU are the LIVESTRONG Foundation

IMG_2495Let me start off by thanking YOU for your contributions towards my LIVESTRONG Austin Half Marathon fundraising goal! Collectively, we’ve raised $1525 for the LIVESTRONG Foundation, which means 20 cancer survivors can participate in the LIVESTRONG at the Y program (a 6-weeks fitness/health program that helps them reclaim their life beyond cancer) for free!!! How amazing is that?!?Makes all those training hours (in a Siberian Cold front) so worth it 😉

Now, I didn’t make it to Austin for the half marathon, but I walked the half at home (and realized I still have a looooong way to go after knee surgery to get back to my previous fitness level – working on it, I promise ;). However, my fellow Team LIVESTRONG team members made the most out of marathon weekend and kicked cancer’s butt.

Meet Iram (he’s just one of many inspiring team mates and won the cancer survivor division in ATX), a 31-year-old brain cancer warrior, runner and, most importantly, dad to Kiana. I met Iram through the Team’s FB page and was honored to create a “Survivors” Canvas for him and his daughter (=>

Well, Iram won the Gusher Marathon (in 3:07) on March 9 pushing his daughter in a borrowed stroller.  His (and Kiana’s) marathon win made international news, but Iram told me it was clearly a slow news day. He always stresses that a marathon win isn’t that newsworthy (although, in those circumstances we’ll just have to agree to disagree 😉 – being a father and telling a loved one what he/she means to us, should be the headline of the day. Making memories for his daughter to remember him by is Iram’s priority.

My top priority is to make sure that Iram, and cancer warriors all over the globe, will have access to the best survivorship programs and services for as long as they need them. For me, that means supporting the LIVESTRONG Foundation, so they can continue providing personalized services and programs ( to anyone affected by cancer, such as

  • Cancer Navigation Services
  • Emotional and peer support
  • Fertility Programs
  • LIVESTRONG at the Y fitness programs

When life presents us with challenges, will you join me to turn those challenges into blessings? I signed up for the Philly Challenge to once again raise money for the LIVESTRONG Foundation and would be honored if you’d decide to join me (either by signing up as my team mate, donating towards my fundraising goal via, sharing this note with your friends or cheering me on from wherever you are).

Iram and Kiana are the LIVESTRONG Foundation.

I am the LIVESTRONG Foundation.

YOU are the LIVESTRONG Foundation.

I’m thankful for your friendship – smiling in Germany,

Henrike (proud Team LIVESTRONG team member with Cyclists Combating Cancer – Philly Challenge)

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