Walking a full half marathon

I’m WALKING a full Half Marathon in February (and if that weren’t crazy enough, I’m going to do it during what most likely will be freezing temperatures, wearing my Team LIVESTRONG gear and my yellow finger puppet in support of my friend Steve). Cheer me on by donating whatever you can afford to the LIVESTRONG foundation to help support and empower cancer patients and global anti-stigma campaigns. Cures Rock … cancer does not!!
To reach my first fundraising milestone of $100 with Team LIVESTRONG 2013, I’ve pledged to walk Thursday’s survivor walk event decked out in LIVESTRONG gear (including my BRIGHT YELLOW tutu and a yellow finger puppet), if we reach the $100 mark by Thursday.
I’ll also mail a thank you card and a sticker to all my donors (so please include your address as a personal note when donating). I’m totally pumped to start this crazy training endeavor that will result in me WALKING a half marathon in February – and would be honored to have your support.
Your donation will help LIVESTRONG continue their amazing and much needed programs and anti-stigma campaigns. If you have any questions or would like to share your cancer story/connection with me, so I can walk in honor/support of someone you know, please reach out!! Thanks. http://laf.livestrong.org/goto/henrikewalks
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