Second fundraising shirt (benefiting LIVESTRONG)

LIVESTRONG leaders who’ll be at the Assembly in March only: we’re having a ‘special edition’ for 2012 LS leaders (with “Spreading the message of HOPE & SURVIVORSHIP around the world” + a list of our first names on the back of the shirt) for a donation of $19/each : .

available in yellow, white or light grey; Fruit of the Loom Shirts (S-3XL):

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9 Responses to Second fundraising shirt (benefiting LIVESTRONG)

  1. Rica says:

    LOVE the design!!!

  2. Mark Davis says:

    Mark says yes!!

  3. Chris Olivier says:

    I think it is stunning! I would be so proud for my name to be on the back. Is there a possibility that I could pay for one and pick it up in Austin in March?

  4. whitney weadock says:

    please include my name

  5. Carolyn Perry says:

    Your shirt looks great. I would love one.

  6. THULZ says:


  7. Ang Gilchrist says:

    Sent my donation, Can’t wait to see you ..the shirt is just another bonus 🙂

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