First run of 2012 (rain, headwinds & smiles)

Happy New Year, everyone! Just a reminder: during my training runs I will post pictures of our sights, so you’ll discover Oldenburg from a runner’s perspective. If you think it’s worth a donation to LIVESTRONG or Ärzte ohne Grenzen, I’d be honored. If you’d like me to run for you or someone you know affected by cancer, please leave a comment with the names and I’ll add them to my tribute list.

Today’s 6.39k run in 43:43 was quite challenging (weather: 48F, feels like 40; wind: SSW at 30mph gusting to 40mph; rain). As a student (and someone who tries to make it to the US once or twice a year), it’s just not possible to afford a gym membership, so treadmills are not an alternative for me. But, I won’t complain. First, I’m pretty much an outdoor runner and don’t really like gyms. More importantly, I am just so happy that I’m able to run (with a thyroid & a spine condition) that I couldn’t care less about small challenges like wind or rain ;-). Ha, that’s why I’m smiling pretty much all through the runs, which in turn leads to irritated looks from strangers, but who cares?!

My run led me straight to St. Lamberti Church (the highest building in our city). The Lutheran church was first mentioned in 1237, but in 1790 it was completely transformed into the current rotunda style basilica, based on the Pantheon in Rome. Several construction epochs make it a weird mix of architectural styles. Today, regular church services are still being held, but it’s also a place where concerts and other events take place.

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