A Thanksgiving run

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (ours was October 2nd – and yesterday’s Thanksgiving in the US should round up the global tradition). Of course, being thankful for all kinds of things shouldn’t be limited to just one day, so here I go. Today I’m thankful…

  • … for my friend Amanda, who not only promised to be there in Austin in February to cheer me on for my first half marathon, but also gave me this AMAZING PACKERS scarf, which is just perfect for fall/winter training
  • … for the rain to hold the downpour until I was finished with my training run 😉
  • … for my surgeon, who was absolutely right when it came to my shoulder prognosis. I may not like being forced off the bike for a long period of time, but my shoulder (and the smaller pains) is healing nicely!
  • … for my breathing, which continues to get better each day!
  • … for Van and Alex for being the first to support my 2012 fundraising efforts! You guys are the best!!
  • … for my Team LS mentor Barb, who is a much better/more experienced runner than me, but she believed I could get ready for the half in time for the Austin marathon and keeps cheering me on!
  • … for the next donor/supporter, who thinks that while this girl is clearly out of her mind for attempting to run a half-marathon (with a finger-puppet) in a little less than 3 months, she needs a little push and a $5 donation to LIVESTRONG will hurt him/her less than it’ll hurt this girl to get out and train! Oh, and he/she probably missed chalkbot at the Tour de France and now wants a name/message/mantra written on my arm in exchange of a donation 😉
  • … for my fellow Team LIVESTRONG mentors (past and present). Getting to know you and being part of this group has enriched my life immensely and I’m honored and grateful for that. Your support and friendship means a lot to me – and I cannot wait until our mini-reunion in February.Today’s 4mile/6.41km run was for you… 2 months, 24 days, 18 hours, 15 minutes to go… GAME ON, cancer!

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