A LIVESTRONG thank you!

This fundraising season has been the most successful and the most meaningful for me, yet. I walked and rode the Philly and Austin Challenge in memory/support/honor of over 50 of my friends and family members, as well as over 100 of your loved ones you trusted me to honor. I was deeply humbled and proud that WE made it to Ride for the Roses weekend in October. TOGETHER we are changing the way the world fights cancer, so that there will come a time when loved ones, family members, colleagues or strangers won’t be running out of time. I cannot thank you enough for your support this season.

I will write a more detailed blog entry (or two or three) about the Austin weekend in the coming days, but you deserve your own blog post!


Alex, Jamie, Elio, Amy W., Jeanette, Megan, Nigel, Amy R., Patrick, Amanda, Frieda, Gina, Mike & Rachael, Andy, Penny, Rich, Kenny, Jennifer & Brad, Steve B., Stephen, Sue, Kristen, Ashley, Barb, Ed, Christa, Debra, Gregory, Ianota, Judy, Florian, Marcia K., Toni, Evan, Elizabeth, Marcia B., Mark, Markus, Mike, Scott D., Scott J., Steve P., Sherry, Suzie, Nancy, Eveline, Alexa, Pam, Michael, Marie (and numerous people who “donated” through bidding on auction items).

This photo was taken at the Austin 5 k run and shows me crossing the finish line with my friend Leana. It was an emotional moment, and I doubt there will ever be a LIVESTRONG finish line that I’ll cross without shedding a few tears as well as some smiles. Tears, because we lost too many special people, who ran out of time. Tears, because too many of our loved ones have to go through so much pain + anxiety. Smiles because others defied the odds. Smiles because we’re still here. Smiles because you can feel the love of the LIVESTRONG community no matter if it’s people you’ve just met or people you are looking forward to meet every year… I feel like being at a family reunion every time we get together for these events.

This year, some of the tears resulted from a little pain. Most of you know that I didn’t see a pot hole during the walk and fell (not so graciously). You know you’re accident prone when the medical team at the Challenge knows you by your first name and greets you with “Oh no- what happened this time?”. Well, my fall resulted in a shoulder injury which will keep me off the bike for at least the reminder of 2011. So… I looked for a new challenge… and found the Austin Half Marathon.

No kidding, I (the cycling chick who has not been running at all for the last 15+ years) signed up for the Austin Half Marathon in February. I’ll keep you posted on my training + fundraising through this blog. Also, I’ll post a new Austin 2012 tribute shirt shortly (thanks again to all of you who “bought” a 2011 shirt and thus supported my fundraising- I hope you consider buying the new one as well).

I’m so excited that this stupid injury might result in something great and I hope you’ll share my journey with me.

Thanks again and LIVESTRONG!

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