From zero to hero? Not quite…

Today’s run was a tough one from a physical point of view… not so tough mentally – due to the sunny (if cold) weather and my motivation of the day: cancer’s worst enemy and my friend and bubble wrap brigade buddy Lindsay. Love you Linds and hope today is extra special for you! HUGS!

I know it’ll take a while to get ready for a half marathon, and I’m only at the very beginning. I know I have to be patient, train regularly and build up ks slowly. I know going from a little overweight to fit enough to run 21ks will take some time. I know going from zero to hero only works in movies. BUT I also KNOW I didn’t quit and I won’t do so in the future. I KNOW there will be more challenging days to come (both due to weather, motivation or physical issues). I KNOW training will bring highs and lows… but I won’t give up because I’m running for a reason. Cancer warriors have to be tough to make it through their journey (and unfortunately too many of those tough warriors run out of time). I’m running for those who cannot – bring it on!

If you can support LIVESTRONG and my running with as little as $5 (via my fundraising page , I’d be honored to run for you or someone you know affected by cancer. Together we WILL change the way the world fights cancer!

GAME ON, CANCER!  – 3 months, 6 days, 18 hours, 46 minutes to go

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