Inspiration can lead to crazy actions…

This morning, a training run was the last thing I wanted to do. It was cold, it was grey and cloudy, I was tired after a night of studying… well, you get the idea. Then, I got on my computer and saw a post on FB from my fellow LIVESTRONG leader Jere. This woman is simply amazing. A veteran cancer fighter, she’s now in hospice care, thinking yellow thoughts and making plans. Plain and simple, she is the epitome of LIVESTRONG and Fight Like Hell, spreading HOPE and inspiration to us all in the process.

So, I put on my LIVESTRONG running gear, wrote Jere’s name on my arm and took off for a 2.25 mile run (and I only stopped once to take a picture).

Returning from that run, I immediately got on my computer and signed up for the 2012 Austin Half Marathon in February (that’s were the CRAZY part comes in 😉 And I’m challenging YOU to virtually take part in it and help me get there. I call it the “Half Marathon Rookie Challenge” and here’s how it works:

  • Donate whatever amount you think hurts you as much as it’ll hurt me to run 1 mile (
  • Message me the name of someone who inspires you in the fight against cancer (either on FB or leave a comment)
  • I’ll run a mile (during my training runs) for that person (with his/her name on my arm) and will add his/her name to my tribute shirt for the Austin half marathon

By participating in my Half Marathon Rookie Challenge, you’ll make me get out of my cozy room and into the cold German autumn weather. Having his/her name on my arm during a training run will motivate me when I get tired or think I might not be able to run another step. Plus, your contribution will not only result in me getting fitter (I know there will be a little pain involved getting there ;-), it’ll also help LIVESTRONG serve the 28 Million affected by cancer and continue to spread the message of HOPE and inspiration.

GAME ON, CANCER!  – 3 months, 8 days, 17 hours, 50 minutes to go

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